But it’s “Christian”…… 

Last year, many people I know personally were sharing a post for a "Christian" magic show that was hosted by a local church.... And I felt the Spirit calling me to speak out against it, but I never knew how. But for those who need to hear it, to the ones who this is a... Continue Reading →


More than a Crowd

Proverbs 3:27 Do not pass by a man in need, for you may be the hand of God to him. This verse was written in a time where the typical needs of a person was different, but none the less important. This verse gives no specifications as to what kind of need, so whenever I... Continue Reading →

Beauty isn’t skin-deep.

It's not. I don't care what magazines say about losing 20 pounds and feeling amazing about yourself, I don't care what society says about the perfect body type, I. Don't. Care. And neither should you. If you have curves, you're beautiful. If you have a thin frame, you're beautiful. If you are short, you're beautiful.... Continue Reading →

When Nothing Goes To Plan…

Hey! It's Abbie, and I've got a story I think everyone can relate to... I got up this morning, and I went to put on the outfit I planned for church youth group... long story short, five outfits later I was still no closer to being dressed. An unknown substance, food of some sort from... Continue Reading →

I’ve been distant…

Hey everyone, it's your favorite...and only.... Dozen Disciples Author, Abbie 💛 ---yeah.... I haven't really been doing my job. Sorry. Fact is, I've hit a lot of road bumps in life these past couple of months... most of which, I probably caused. Being a person is tough work, ma dude. I probably should've shared as... Continue Reading →

A Vessel Of God’s Grace….

Over Hills Alive 2017, God used me in a way that I would never have imagined. I, Abbie, was a missionary. God chose me to be a vessel for His love, mercy, and grace. Here's the story.... I was in the autograph line waiting to get a signature from one of the artists. A guy behind... Continue Reading →

Dear Daddy….

Dear Daddy, I want to start off this letter by saying Happy Father's Day... You've been a Dad for 20 years now, I've had the privilege to have you as my Daddy for the 16 of them that I've been alive. I know that sometimes things get tough. I just wanna thank you for never giving... Continue Reading →

Just a Compliment….

For a few years now, I've lived by my self-created motto: "A compliment a day keeps the sadness away." In essence, I try to compliment as many people as I can - as often as I can do so... Whether I am at Walmart or the local thrift stores, I try to find something that... Continue Reading →


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