A Vessel Of God’s Grace….

Over Hills Alive 2017, God used me in a way that I would never have imagined. I, Abbie, was a missionary. God chose me to be a vessel for His love, mercy, and grace. Here's the story.... I was in the autograph line waiting to get a signature from one of the artists. A guy behind... Continue Reading →


Big Sisters Aren’t Always Great

QUICK ANNOUNCMENT: I am referring to myself, I don't have big sister - and even if I did I wouldn't talk about her like the title of this post... Because I can say that I don't always do a great job, but I wouldn't tell my siblings that they don't. Now that that is out... Continue Reading →

Dear Daddy….

Dear Daddy, I want to start off this letter by saying Happy Father's Day... You've been a Dad for 20 years now, I've had the privilege to have you as my Daddy for the 16 of them that I've been alive. I know that sometimes things get tough. I just wanna thank you for never giving... Continue Reading →

Just a Compliment….

For a few years now, I've lived by my self-created motto: "A compliment a day keeps the sadness away." In essence, I try to compliment as many people as I can - as often as I can do so... Whether I am at Walmart or the local thrift stores, I try to find something that... Continue Reading →

Missing My Army Soldiers….

My two brothers, Iszak and Gabryel, both decided to join the military.... Specifically, the Army. Iszak has graduated BCT and is in AIT, and Gabe is in the first chunk of BCT. I miss my brothers a lot, but I am very proud of the men they became and what they are accomplishing. I hope... Continue Reading →

Why I’m Waiting……

I just want to take a second and say that being single is okay, in fact I'd say it is the wisest choice being not yet marital age. I'm only sixteen, I still have two years of school left, and I'm not ready to have a forever with somebody yet.  I'm not saying it's easy,... Continue Reading →

8th Avenue Bakery Review- Belle Fourche, SD

Workers On Shift: Cheyenne and Caitlyn These women were very friendly and swift with their work, very much people-persons. I would love to say these women deserve a raise or maybe a promotion!  Quick Overview:  We walked in a little bit before closing time, and the ladies were still nice; not completely rude like you... Continue Reading →

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