SUPER EASY *From Scratch* Country Mac and Cheese!!!!

Hey everyone, Abbie here! 

Today, I am going to tell you all the recipe for country Mac and Cheese…. This recipe has been edited as a family recipe from my grandma to me….. I did make some edits to it and I think it ‘Abbieified’ it! This tastes great served with peas! 😃

Maybe I should have taken pictures BEFORE 13 people chowed down on it…. Because all that was left was a not-so-attractive leftover amount. It looked way prettier when the pot was full!

COUNTRY MAC AND CHEESE! (Serves 13 for supper plus enough for a lunch or for freezing!)

-3 lbs Elbow noodles

– 6 cups Milk

-4 to 8 tbs Flour

– 1/2 box Velveta Cheese

– 1 to 1 1/2 cups Fiesta Blend Cheese (avalable at Walmart!)

– 3 tbs Butter

Salt and Pepper to taste

Ok, so what you do is boil the noodles just until barely done so that they are beautifully perfect at the end! Strain… Pour back into pot.

In a separate pot combine milk and  4 tbs of the flour, stir and add Velveta cheese. Heat on Medium until warm, it should be a soup consistency…. If not, add more flour. Put it on low. Add Fiesta cheese and Heat til hot. Turn off heat. Pour over noodles and stir well. (If you have self-control…. Wait 5-10 minutes with it covered to let it thicken… But this is not necessary because it is done.) 

Sprinkle with salt and pepper and ENJOY!!!!!!!

A couple of siblings decided to pose as they were eating thirds…. Some seconds. They loved it, but decided to make funny faces! 

Maggie and Eliyjah gobbling it up!

 Ben is the one making faces, while Ayden watches.

Hope you enjoy!


Abbie ❤️


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