8th Avenue Bakery Review- Belle Fourche, SD

Workers On Shift: Cheyenne and Caitlyn

These women were very friendly and swift with their work, very much people-persons. I would love to say these women deserve a raise or maybe a promotion! 

Quick Overview:  We walked in a little bit before closing time, and the ladies were still nice; not completely rude like you would expect because of the timing of our visit. There were 7 of us who went, and some were not so sure of what to get…. So they took a little bit to choose, but the ladies were patient and fond of my 2 and 4 year old sisters we had brought along with us (it made them feel really big choosing their own!). The ladies even brought over some unsold cinnamon rolls and let the kiddos have them, which was an act of kindness. 

The Building: It was very clean and nice, and smelled FANTASTIC!!!!! There was a large selection of goodies to choose from. The displays were fun and very eye appealing. And after we had ordered, there was a nice wood bench outside to enjoy our goodies in the sunshine! 

The Food: Their menu changes often, always new goodies coming and going! Today, we had Rainbow Sprinkled Raised Donuts (Little Girlies Loved Them!), a Shortbread Cookie (I ate this up…. Without sharing! It was yummy!), and strawberry & honey jerky (This was so good! Tasted like candied jam!).

The Price: I paid less than 5 dollars for everything I ordered. The donuts were $1 each, the cookie was $0.50, and the jerky was $1. It was very cheap compared to traditional bakeries. 

Overall Rating: 5 stars!!!!!! I say this because I seriously can’t find a single flaw with this place! It is a definite place to go again!

Thank you for your amazing work ladies! 🙂


Abbie ❤️

Lollie, Eli, and Essie trying to choose!Essie and I sitting outside on the bench.Lollie and Eli chewing down on their sweets (Are they not the cutest together?!)
 An inside look at the kitchen in the bakery!


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