Missing My Army Soldiers….

My two brothers, Iszak and Gabryel, both decided to join the military…. Specifically, the Army. Iszak has graduated BCT and is in AIT, and Gabe is in the first chunk of BCT. I miss my brothers a lot, but I am very proud of the men they became and what they are accomplishing. I hope the people around them know how lucky they are, because my brothers are amazing. 

When my brothers left for the Army, I began to grasp and feel with those who have loved ones in the Army. I know what it feels like to miss someone that you used to talk to everyday… And because of the empathy that I now have, I can step out and help others who need it. There are so many people who knew what it was like before me, and now, since I know what it is like, it is my turn to step up to the bat and show them how to hit a home run – in other words, I can help people figure out how to make the best of the situation; since I had people who taught me. 

I know that anything I write cannot even begin to express the thankfulness I have towards each and every person in our military and armed forces, the sacrifice that you all make is beyond anything I can fathom… I thank you, it is because of you that I – along with every other person in the United States – have the freedom and the Liberty that we have. I cannot thank you enough for that.

Also, to all the military moms, to all the military wives, to all the military siblings, and to all the military kids… Love on your soldier. Love on them and let them know how proud you are, because hearing that coming from someone they love can make all the difference. It can help them in so many ways, so let them know… Let them know and repeat it often.


Abbie ❤️

Me and Iszak before he left for BCT….

Gabryel and Ayden before he left for BCT…..


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