Just a Compliment….

For a few years now, I’ve lived by my self-created motto: “A compliment a day keeps the sadness away.” In essence, I try to compliment as many people as I can – as often as I can do so… Whether I am at Walmart or the local thrift stores, I try to find something that stands out in each and every person who’ll listen.

I’ve passed people who looked like their day wasn’t going so good, and so I’d throw on my biggest smile and compliment them (like “Hey! I love your glasses, they are amazing!” or “Your hair looks beautiful, I love the color!” or etc.)… And some of them ended up smiling themselves and walking away with their spirit lifted.

So I have a challenge for you, next time you’re out and about try to compliment at least one person you’ve never met before… Because it really isn’t just a compliment, for some people having just one person come along with a dose of positivity can completely change a situation for them. If you take my challenge, you’ll have to comment down below and tell me all about it! 

Let’s spread some joy people!


Abbie ❤️


2 thoughts on “Just a Compliment….

Add yours

    1. Me too! In addition to motivation to compliment more, the more I compliment the happier I feel! It’s amazing! ❤️


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