Big Sisters Aren’t Always Great

QUICK ANNOUNCMENT: I am referring to myself, I don’t have big sister – and even if I did I wouldn’t talk about her like the title of this post… Because I can say that I don’t always do a great job, but I wouldn’t tell my siblings that they don’t.

Now that that is out of the way, let’s get down to business here. I, Abbie, am the oldest child living in my parents’ house with 9 little people constantly watching to see what I do – so that they can base their actions off of mine. My two older brothers are Army Soldiers, they are amazing and great role models for the kids. Me? Well, that’s questionable. Depends on the time, place, and subject – I’m still learning, too.

For instance, I’m really good at fixing culinary mistakes… So my siblings know they can ask me to help them if something isn’t quite right in the kitchen. I’m also the family stain lifter, because I’m good at removing stains from pretty much everything. BUT… I am NOT good when it comes to other things in some areas of regular life.

I will openly admit that I AM NOT as mature as an adult, and I am in the category that teenagers hold – which is the area that holds the people that need to learn responsibility and how to be an adult, and also how to be a good and smart citizen. 

My siblings see me fall short and fail them a lot, they see me do and say stupid or irresponsible things that affect them – some that have a pretty hard end effect. I am not a perfect sister, and I am not a perfect role model.

Jesus is perfect though, and He’s willing to cleanse away my sin and the hurt that I cause. So even if I let my siblings down, I know that He won’t. And that even if I totally screwed up everything for them, I know that if I managed to show even a little bit of God’s grace to the point where they could learn something out of it – did I really screw up completely? The answer to that is no. I didn’t. ‘Cause I showed them that even though a human can’t always help them with what they need, they serve a God that can.

So even they I am constantly asking for forgiveness, I know that it I can always start fresh and once again try my hardest to be the type of woman my siblings need me to be – the type of woman that God wants me to be.


Abbie ❤️


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