A Vessel Of God’s Grace….

Over Hills Alive 2017, God used me in a way that I would never have imagined. I, Abbie, was a missionary. God chose me to be a vessel for His love, mercy, and grace. Here’s the story….

I was in the autograph line waiting to get a signature from one of the artists. A guy behind me struck up a conversation. After a short while of talking about Jesus, he brought up that he was addicted to cigarettes, and that he had a past that he was ashamed of. He said he wanted change, he wanted to leave that life of sin behind him – that he was not going to continue the habits he’d had since a young child. As we talked, I knew God was putting words in my mouth to say…. Because I could never have said what I did on my own, the truth of Jesus and the love that God feels for each and every person came pouring out. 

Right there in that autograph line, he decided he wanted to give his life to Jesus. 

We finished going through the line, and I asked a lady nearby from the Christian radio station that I love to help this guy accept Jesus, and to say a prayer over him. I started to cry as I felt the Holy Spirit at work as he gave everything over to Christ, and after everything was said and through – I welcomed him as a brother in Christ. 

He left then to go to the prayer and worship tent with the Holy Spirit alive in him, and I felt God’s Power right there in that moment.

I knew I had just witnessed a miracle take place, and that God had chosen to use a small town girl as His vessel. 


Abbie ❤️


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